Motorized, ultra-precise follow focus controllable by edelkrone APP, edelkrone Controller, or even by hand. Operates as a stand-alone solution or with all edelkrone motion control setups that include the new HeadPLUS v2 or the previous generation HeadPLUS (v1).
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Wireless edelkrone ecosystem integration
Ready for Pro Lenses
Fast & Simple Programming
Portability with long lasting LP-E6 battery
Zero Noise & Backlash-Free
6 Keyposes with App / 3 Keyposes with Controller
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Features that define FocusPLUS PRO
The ultimate addition to edelkrone hand-control ecosystem
New FocusPLUS PRO allows you to control your lens position by hand, similar to adjusting pan & tilt angles and slide positions of other motion controllers in the edelkrone ecosystem. Just set your camera’s position by hand, focus on your object, and store that multi-axis keypose for later use!
Hassle-free control with the best edelkrone features!
Depending on your production needs, control FocusPLUS PRO through edelkrone App (6 independent keyposes) or edelkrone Controller (3 independent keyposes).
A single LP-E6 battery can power FocusPLUS PRO for maximum portability or an external DC input can power FocusPLUS PRO for those long productions. FocusPLUS PRO even includes a Link port for future extensibility.
Focus on your target & keep the focus while in motion
Using HeadPLUS v2 & FocusPLUS PRO together keeps the targets in frame and in focus even when operating on SliderPLUS, SliderONE, JibONE, DollyONE, or DollyPLUS.
Seamless wireless connection & ability to operate as stand-alone
FocusPLUS PRO is the perfect motorized follow focus for any camera setup, as a stand-alone solution, or with compatible edelkrone motion controllers. As the ultimate follow focus solution, FocusPLUS PRO effortlessly pairs with various edelkrone motion control setups in the ecosystem for multi-axis control. In order for FocusPLUS PRO to pair, these setups should include one of the following edelkrone Heads: HeadPLUS v2, HeadPLUS v2 PRO, or either of the previous generation HeadPLUS (v1) or HeadPLUS (v1) PRO. FocusPLUS PRO does not pair with HeadONE or Pan PRO.
HeadPLUS v2
HeadPLUS v2
HeadPLUS v2 10 lb (4.5 kg)
HeadPLUS v2 PRO 20 lb (9 kg)
Features to focus on
Ready for Pro Lenses
FocusPLUS PRO features an intelligent automatic torque control: Powerful to rotate bulky pro cinema lenses and gentle for delicate lens end-stops.
Super Accurate Gear Design with Ultra Quiet Motor
The unique brushless motor driving technology of FocusPLUS PRO offers a culmination of ultra-precise motor positioning ability and ultra-quiet operation. Its super accurate backlash-free gear design delivers perfectly repeatable, smooth motion for even the most demanding shots.
What's in the box?
FocusPLUS PRO comes with
* x3 15mm diameter rods in different lengths
* 15mm and 19mm diameter rod clamps.
* x3 Lens Gear are also included in the box.
FocusPLUS PRO is ready to mount on HeadPLUS, Pocket RIG 2 or on any rig solution!
Single App to control all
edelkrone App cleverly scans the available devices in its surroundings and pairs with them automatically, giving you a single screen to control all devices together.

The interface is extremely simple.

Use the controls on the top part of the App screen to set the pose of your camera. Press and hold on any of the keypose buttons to record that pose. Use the same button to recall that pose. It’s that simple. Press 2 keyposes to put the system in loop between both keyposes.

You can adjust the speed and acceleration of the transition between keyposes. Or, you can easily create time-lapse videos by using the same keyposes.

App Details.pdf
edelkrone App
The app shows you this control screen when there is only one motorised HeadPLUS discovered around. The App gives you this 3 axis control screen including the focus adjustment.
edelkrone App
When you combine your HeadPLUS with a slider the App gives you this 4 axis control screen including the focus adjustment. Notice the Target Mode button also becomes available at the bottom for smart target tracking.
edelkrone App
When you combine your HeadPLUS with a Dolly, the App gives you this 5-axis control screen including the focus adjustment. Notice the Target Mode button also becomes available at the bottom for smart target tracking.
edelkrone App
After you complete recording a motion, this is the screen which lets you replay the motion recorded. You can also convert it in to a time-lapse or stop-motion via this screen.
edelkrone App
This is the time-lapse screen. First, enter your Record Time & Play Time and your FPS settings. Next, set the same shutter speed with your camera in the app & set the interval. Lastly, select the starting and ending keyposes. This way you will achieve a nice motion time-lapse video transitioning between both keyposes.
edelkrone App
When you setup your time-lapse, instead of entering a static interval, you can enter a dynamic interval with the help of this graphic. So, you can have an alternating speed of time in your time-lapse video. This feature will not affect the speed of your camera motion. If you start a time-lapse while you are in Target Mode, you will be able to select targets.
edelkrone App
When Ramping is on, you can alter the speed of your camera motion throughout your time-lapse video. This graphic helps you adjust the speed of your motion easily.
edelkrone Controller
edelkrone Controller
If you prefer not to use your phone (edelkrone App), and need a dedicated solution, edelkrone Controller will be your best friend. Compatible with all motorized edelkrone sliders, jibs, heads and dollies, edelkrone Controller allows you to easily control any combination of these devices.
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Wayne W.
United States United States

Wayne Wilkins a music Group and eldekrone focus Pro

I think this product once figured out is absolutely fantastic. The initial unpacking of each Edlekrone product takes a while to get your head around as there is quite involved in working out how everything best functions. I think pro lens gears should be standard with the Focus Pro as the ones included don’t work up to a professional standard and slip a lot . Other than this I absolutely love the attention to detail and design along with smooth performance . Very nice piece of equipment and that goes for Jibone, headplus V2 and the Pan Pro . All are exceptional pieces of equipment to own

A edelkrone Customer
Dale K.
United States United States

Portable, powerful and easy to set up.

The FocusPlUS PRO is well built and packs plenty of power. Also, set up is easy and quick. I love it!

A edelkrone Customer
Canada Canada

The Focus PLUS PRO is great but not accurate when focusing when using target from point a to b. Tried it over and over. :(

A edelkrone Customer
Andrei B.
United States United States

Mast have for Macro Shooting

Ease to set and use. Very important equipment for macro shooting.

Keith D.
United States United States

Works Great!

Watching the FocusPlus PRO work is a thing of joy! Combined with the HeadPlus Pro, it works perfect to pull focus on each point that the HeadPlus is programed to. Edelkrone has done a wonderful job on the integration of all of their components. Great job Edelkrone!!

Aaron V.
Canada Canada

Why this isn't functional with the Slide Module is beyond me.

Falsely thought I could use this with setups that just needed a slide and not the full 3 axis tilt/pan arm but the motor can't pair with the slide module or pan pro motor on it's own unless the larger headplus is paired along with it. Annoying.

Stephone B.
United States United States

Best piece of gear

My experience has been great it is perfect that it is a stand alone. I have been waiting for this for so long.